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Check out the Southern Indiana Save-A-Pet Site, or in Carroll County find a furry family member here


JESSUP is starting to feel depressed and that no one wants him. He lies with his back to his cage door and ignores potential adopters walking by. Jessup jumps up when someone opens his door and is ready for play or love. He is 2- to 3-years-old and enjoys running around chasing feathered toys or batting toy mice around. Jessup can be quite a character. He also enjoys snuggling and being brushed is a treat too. Ideally Jessup’s new home will have a perch for him where he can nap in the sun. Please come visit Jessup and ask for him to come out of his cage. Jessup is a 10 lbs, black and white male with very pretty markings. His adoption fee is $25 plus the cost of his neuter and rabies vaccination.


SCRAPPY DOO has a ferocious bark that he uses at the shelter to get attention. Don’t worry, his bark is much worse than his ‘bite’. Once Scrappy Doo is out of his kennel, he will attack with kisses. He is an attentive, little 24 lbs, brown Dachshund mix who just wants to please people. Scrappy Doo loves to go for walks….short walks though to fit his short legs. He would love to have the freedom of running around in a fenced-in yard. Scrappy Doo is a 2-year-old male who was relinquished to the shelter because his owner was moving and no dogs were allowed. He is good with other dogs, but shows off to other unneutered males. He is required to be neutered as part of his adoption process, so this ‘scrappy doo’ behavior should lessen. Scrappy Doo also does okay with cats, but does want to chase and play with them. He will retreat when their claws come out. Scrappy Doo’s adoption fee is $25 plus the cost of his neuter and rabies vaccination.