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Check out the Southern Indiana Save-A-Pet Site, or in Carroll County find a furry family member here     


JEFF is one of the many sweet, little kittens at the shelter. Jeff is currently 10- to 12-weeks-old and ready to play. He has medium-length fur, so cuddling with be fun too. If an adorable, black, male kitty like Jeff will not fit into the family, there are plenty of others to choose from as it is kitten season. All  kittens are $45 OFF courtesy of the Jefferson County Humane Society.

BRADY is a loving guy that gives great hugs. Brady will gently jump up (he weighs 92 lbs.) and wrap his front legs around shoulders and snuggle. Brady will listen intently and try to do what is being asked of him. He will make a great family pet, but will not be good as a working dog. Brady will go after goats and other animals instead of guarding them. He may need a home where he is the only dog. Definitely no cats in his new family. Please be familiar with Great Pyrenees and read up on their personality and traits before adopting Brady. This faq is a fun starting place http://www.igpr.org/about-great-pyrenees/breed-f-a-q/. Brady is 5- to 7-years old, is mostly white, and has had at least 3 owners previously.  He deserves a forever home this time with someone who is prepared for a Great Pyrenees in the family. Brady is microchipped, but it does not have a current registration.


The shelter is in need of canned cat food. They could also use basic, cheap, clay cat litter. The shelter does not need newspapers at this time – we are appreciative, but we have ran out of storage space. THANK YOU JEFFERSON COUNTY!



This discount does not apply to cats who have already been spayed or neutered.


  • The shelter accepts both STEEL and ALUMINUM cans. The funds made with recycling go into our medical fund. Please rinse out the steel cans well (we don’t want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans. Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter – that’s to your left when facing the shelter’s front door.
  • The shelter is now part of the Kroger rewards program. To participate, register your Kroger card at www.krogercommunityrewards.com and enter NPO number 63224.
  • Support the shelter by walking your dog. Use the WoofTrax app for your cellphone available at the Apple app store, at google play, or at wooftrax.com. For every mile you walk, a donation is made to the shelter.