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DOUGHBOY is a gorgeous, long-haired boy who loves to play. He especially likes to play with feathers, so much so that a bird in his new home is not a good idea. Doughboy will play rough when he gets excited, so watch out for his claws. Doughboy has some demands for his new owners: he does not like to be picked up and carried, he does not like cat carriers, and he does not like other cats. Doughboy is cautious with dogs, but will ignore them if they leave him alone. He will need to be brushed often to keep his soft gray & white fur gorgeous. He also sheds a lot, so brushing regularly will help with that. Doughboy is two-years-old and is neutered. His adoption fee is $45 plus the cost of his rabies vaccination.


WHITNEY is a super sweet and friendly girl. She tends to be aloof & stand-offish behind her kennel door, but open her door, rub her back, and watch what happens. Whitney will wiggle all over and go belly up for tummy rubs. She loves, loves, loves to be petted and loved on. Watch out for her tail, though. Whitney gets so happy that her wagging tail becomes dangerous. Whitney enjoys body contact and will lean. She will even crawl on laps if allowed to. Whitney will gently wrestle during playtime, though she can get a little mouthy when she plays. Whitney will squeal with excitement when she is enjoying herself. She will try to talk at other times too. Whitney does not like cats; other dogs are okay though. Small children might have trouble with her because she loves to rub her body all over people and would easily knock over a child without meaning to. Plus, that wagging tail is right at toddler height. Whitney is a 1- to 3-year-old, blue (silver gray) Pit Bull Terrier mix who weighs 57 lbs. Her adoption fee is $25 plus the cost of her spay and rabies vaccination.