Spring Time-Time to Watch for Meth Trash

Posted On April 18, 2017

Spring time and warm temperatures bring out folks hiking, biking and mushroom hunting along rural roads here in Indiana.  Every spring the Indiana State Police Meth Suppression Section likes to remind the public to watch for unattended backpacks and gym bags that may contain toxic meth trash.

This past Friday DEA trained Meth Suppression Troopers from the Pendleton District held their annual “Ditch Walk,” where they walked along country roads in Delaware County recovering dangerous meth trash. Troopers found a variety of meth trash ranging from drink bottles with white residue, to bottles with toxic liquids as well as used and discarded syringes. They found around 15 discarded “one pot” Meth labs.

Pendleton District Meth Suppression Trooper Rich Clay wants to remind the public to be vigilant while participating in outdoor activities. “If you’re out mushroom hunting or fishing, or if your civic group is out cleaning up a roadside, beware!”

“Things to watch for are discarded backpacks or gym bags; liquid filled plastic drink bottles with white residue; a large amount of discarded coffee filters; discarded liquid drain opener bottles or camp fuel cans.  If you encounter any of these items, don’t disturb them. Call us and let us check it out”

Anyone with information about illegal drug use is encouraged to call your local state police post or the Indiana State Police Drug Tip Line at 1-800-453-4756. Tips can be made and kept anonymous. The Indiana Meth Investigation System or IMIS, can also take tips on meth labs. Just go to www.meth.in.gov  and click on the “Report Suspected Meth Activity” Link.