Shawe Hires New Volleyball And Soccer Coaches

Posted On June 12, 2017

The Shawe Memorial High School Athletic Department has recently filled two of its varsity head coaching openings for the 2017-2018 Fall Sports Season.

Shawe Memorial is proud to announce Tim Torrance as the new Head Coach of the Girls Varsity Volleyball program. Torrance has been the Junior Varsity Head Coach for the past two seasons and will step up to the Varsity coaching role after the resignation of Mike Armstrong earlier this year. Torrance also currently serves as the Hilltopper Varsity Softball Coach and has just completed his 3rd season in that position.

“I am very excited to announce Tim Torrance as our new volleyball coach. Tim has done a huge favor to myself and to the school to step up in a time of need. Tim is eager to learn and I am very confident that he will do the work it takes to make our program successful.”

Tim puts in many hours on the softball field and in the gym to keep our programs running smoothly. It is people like Tim that make Shawe the great place that it is. Most of our Coaches put in endless hours to coach and do so much more for our schools. Without them, we do not have the athletic programs that we have today. I am looking forward to seeing the program develop and to see what types of things Tim has in store for the team.”

Shawe Memorial is also proud to announce Seth Hall as the new Head Coach of the Co-Ed Varsity Soccer program. Halls is a 2004 graduate of Shawe Memorial High school who played a big role in the success of the soccer program during his high school career. Hall also served one year as the Junior High soccer coach in the 2015 season. After one year away from coaching, Hall returns to the school he cares so much about to become the Varsity Head Coach.

I am very excited to announce Seth Hall as our new Soccer Coach. Seth has a passion for soccer and the school that he played at. This will be a seamless transition as Seth is very familiar with our school, its facilities, the soccer program.”

We are always excited when our alumni come back to take on roles at our school, and we feel that Seth will be a great fit in a place he is already so familiar with.”