One of four women convicted in the 1992 attack on Shanda Sharer to be released today

Posted On January 11, 2018

A Madison, Indiana woman convicted in the brutal murder of a child nearly 30 years ago will be released from prison sometime today.

Laurie Tackett of Madison, was one of four women convicted in the January 11, 1992 attack and murder of Shanda Sharer.

Tackett was sentenced to 60 years in prison but has served the required amount of time based on the law prior to 2014.

She will be on parole for a year after her release.

Prosecutors said Melinda Loveless initiated the attack. Loveless is scheduled to be released in September 2019.

Hope Rippey was released in 2006, after serving 14 years, and Toni Lawrence was sentenced to 20 years but was released in 2000.