Posted On July 17, 2017

Saturday, Lt. Derk Napier was in the Madison Police parking lot, when he saw a male subject, later identified as Derice Dequan Javi Chatham AGE 23 of Madison Indiana, standing in front of Shipley’s tavern. Derice was speaking to someone on the phone and he sounded agitated as he talked. Derice then yelled out to someone and he then ran south on West St..

Minutes later, Derice walked back to Shipleys and began banging on the bar door. At this time Derice was bleeding from his arm\wrist area. Derice yelled to the subjects in the bar that he would be going to prison, and was agitated that he was not allowed back inside the bar.

Derice then walked over toward Lt. Napier and Ptl. Shawn Scudder who were standing in the police parking lot. Derice began telling officers that he had been discriminated against . Derice continued speaking to officers and appeared to be intoxicated. While speaking to officers, Derice told the officers they were racist and expressed his dislike for the police.

Officers asked Derice what had happened to his arm, and asked him if he needed medical attention. Derice said that someone pushed him through a car window across from the Central Tavern. Derice denied medical attention. Derice continued speaking to officers, referred to his two hundred dollar Nike shoes and stated he had a rich family member that paid for good attorneys and paid to get him out of jail.

Lt. Napier then drove to the area of Mulberry and Second Street. While in the area he located a female with a broken window. The female stated she did not want anything done about the window and was reluctant to speak to police.

Lt. Napier drove back to the police parking lot where Sr. Ptl Scudder and Derice were still speaking. A few minutes later the female that Lt. Napier just spoke with pulled up to the parking lot. The female stated that everything was fine and provided Derice a ride.

A short time later, the Madison Police Department received a call in reference to a damaged police vehicle in the 300 Block of Mulberry Street. The vehicle belonged to a Charlestown Police Officer who lived in the area.

Lt. Napier arrived and observed the back glass was broken out of the vehicle. A witness pulled up and stated they heard a window being busted and that Derice entered a bar seconds later. They also stated that Derice was bleeding from his arm, when he entered the bar.

Lt. Napier and Ptl. Scudder began photographing the damaged vehicle. While investigating the damage, officers located very distinct shoe prints that went from the hood of the car, over the cab and light bar, and onto the trunk. The distinct letters Nike could be seen in the condensation that had formed on the car. Lt. Napier recalled that Derice had made comments about his expensive Nike shoes. Officers also found blood on rear driver side of the car, next to the broken window. Sr. Ptl Scudder, photographed and swabbed the blood.

While investigating the damaged vehicle, officers became alerted to fight in the 300 Block of Jefferson Street. Lt. Napier ran through the alley and located Derice being restrained by the female that provided him a ride earlier. Derice was being aggressive toward a male subject in front of the bar. Derice continued yelling and taunting the subject.

Derice had additional scrapes and cuts on his arms. Derice showed evident signs of intoxication and Lt. Napier believed Derice now became a danger to himself or others, and posed a risk of further breaching the peace. Based on that, Derice was placed under arrest for public intoxication. During a search of Derice officers located a small amount of marijuana.

Derice again refused medical treatment. Also located on Derice were Nike shoes that had soles exaclty matching the prints located on the damaged police vehicle. Derice was released to the jail staff. Derice posted a cash bond later the same day and was released from the Jefferson County Jail.

All Subjects are Innocent Until and Unless Proven Guilty in a Court of Law.

Derice Dequan Javi Chatham AGE 23

Public Intoxication
Possession of Marijuana
Criminal Mischief