Lewis Stepping Down As Prosecuting Attorney

Posted On October 03, 2017


Madison, IN – Chad T. Lewis, Prosecuting Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit of Indiana, has announced he will be stepping down from office. His resignation will be effective January 1, 2018. Prosecuting Attorney Lewis has served in office since January 2007.

“Eleven years ago I was provided the professional honor of a lifetime, to be able to help and serve the people of Jefferson County, for which I have tremendous love and respect. It was truly a remarkable experience, and I am tremendously grateful to the community for placing their trust in me. I am confident the extraordinary professionals of the Prosecutor’s Office will remain tirelessly devoted to the unwavering cause of justice on behalf of the citizens of Jefferson County. I am proud of the work we have accomplished in and out of the courtroom. As I step away from this esteemed post, I remain committed to being actively engaged in serving our great community.”

Lewis will begin employment with Edward Jones, a financial services firm, and work from a local Madison office as a financial advisor. Lewis has a degree in Accounting with study emphasis on finance and estate planning. “I still have a passion for public service. I am extremely excited about this opportunity, which will allow me the ability to continue to help and serve the individuals of our community, just in a different capacity. Instead of protecting public safety, I will be working with individuals to protect their financial future – whether for retirement planning, saving for college for children, or other needs, I will work together with individuals to develop specific strategies to achieve their financial goals”.

In addition to the natural similarity of serving others, I believe there are other roles that translate between legal advising and financial planning. In both professions, it’s important to invest time to understand what you’re working toward so that we can track outcomes and performance. In both professions, it is important to understand the level of risk one is comfortable accepting when either going to court or when investing so that you can balance that risk with steps necessary to reach our desired result. As an advocate in court or a financial advisor, I will continue to be dedicated to providing top-notch client service.”

When he assumed the role as Prosecuting Attorney in 2007, Mr. Lewis committed himself to protecting the citizens through the vigorous enforcement of our criminal laws. With a focus on prosecuting cases involving violent crime, child exploitation, home invasions, and drug distribution, the Lewis administration was successful in many criminal justice factors. Admissions to the Department of Corrections and length of sentences have both increased during Lewis’ term. In a recent IDOC report, Jefferson County ranked 18th in Indiana for new admissions (1), and ranked 1st in the State for incarceration rate with 527 inmates sentenced to the Department of Correction (2). Jefferson County’s prison admissions per 10,000 residents have increased 280% since 2006, spanning the years Lewis has been in office (3). A couple individual case highlights include a conviction on James Saylor for two counts of child molestation and an aggregate 138-year prison sentence (the longest non-homicide sentence imposed in Jefferson County); and a conviction on Jack Edwards Jr. for two counts of Murder and one count of Attempted Murder and an aggregate 160-year prison sentence (the longest sentence imposed in Jefferson County).

Mr. Lewis also committed to improving the Prosecutors Office Child Support division. The Title IV-D portion of the office is responsible for the collection and enforcement of child support payments. Between 2007 and 2017, Lewis’ Office collected more than $23.5 Million in support payments for children and single parents in Jefferson County, including $1,525,727.59 in the first nine months of this year. The federal government evaluates child support collection efforts in four statistical performance measures – Paternity Establishment, Support Order Establishment, Current Support Collections, and Cases paying on arrears. Lewis’ administration has significantly improved all performance measures since taking office.

2006 2017 % Increase
Paternity Establishment 87.65 107.33 + 22.45
Support Order Establishment 72.72 94.27 + 29.63
Current Support Collections 50.49 70.15 + 38.94
Cases paying on Arrears 34.41 76.71 + 121.47

In 2006, prior to Lewis taking office, several of the performance measures were below both state and National averages. At the close of the last quarter on September 30, 2017, the Prosecutor’s Office ranks above both State and National averages in ALL four performance measures.

One of Mr. Lewis’ highlights during his tenure as Prosecuting Attorney was being a founding board member of the Children’s Advocacy Center for Southeastern Indiana. The CAC is a child-friendly place to minimize the trauma suffered by alleged victims of child abuse. The Center is designed to use a multidisciplinary team approach which facilitates the prevention, detection, investigation and treatment of child abuse. Lewis was also one of the founding members of the Jefferson County Drug Court program, leading a team through the federal Drug Court training in 2009. Additional professional highlights:

  • 2009-Present: Lewis was elected among his peers to serve on the Association of Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Board of Directors.
  • 2012 Elected by his peers to serve as President of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys
  • 2013 – Present: Lewis has served on the AIPA Legislative Committee actively working on legislation to effect public safety and interests of law enforcement and prosecution.
  • 2014 – Present: Lewis was appointed by Governor Mike Pence to serve on the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Training Board of Directors. The board is the oversight for the Academy and sets curriculum and rules for training of all police officers in the state.
  • 2015 – Present: Lewis was appointed by Supreme Court Justice Steven David to serve on the Indiana Evidence Based Decision Making Policy Team, which has worked on the integration of assessments and statistical research into decision points in the criminal justice process.

Lewis said, “It has been an enormous privilege to have led the Prosecutor’s office during an important period of transformation and growth. I am proud to have worked with remarkable colleagues who are so committed to advancing public safety and criminal justice. The office is well positioned to meet the growing needs of our current culture. I look forward to continuing to work with and serve the members of our community.”