Judge Removes Gallatin Co. School Board Member

Posted On July 28, 2017

Despite a letter from the Kentucky Attorney General asking him to step down, Gallatin County School Board Member Chad Murray back in January refused to do so.

Last year, as he was running for re-election, questions were raised about his qualifications to hold office. Kentucky school board members must have completed the 12th grade of have a valid GED. Murray submitted documentation from an online high school and a home school.

After reviewing the documents, on January 5, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear wrote Murray a letter saying, “You lack the educational requirements to be a member of the Gallatin Board of Education. Accordingly, we ask that you immediately resign your office as a current member of the Gallatin Board of Education and decline to take the oath for another term.”

Attorney General Andy Beshear filed a complaint on February 10 against Chad Murray with the Gallatin Circuit Court. Under Kentucky law, the attorney general was required to prosecute since local school boards were considered state offices.

Judge Richard A. Brueggeman yesterday removed Murray from the Gallatin Co. school board because he couldn’t produce a verified high school diploma.

Murray had said he graduated from Loveland Baptist School. Murray left school before graduation. He submitted a purported 2011 transcript and diploma from unaccredited Jefferson Online High School to a woman, Kitty Carpenter, at Loveland Baptist School who admitted backdating a diploma to 1994 for Murray.

Murray was elected to the Gallatin County School Board in November 2012 and was re-elected in 2016.