Graduating Senior Scholarships Available Through the Boys & Girls Club

Posted On January 10, 2018

The Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club/Family & Community Center is offering 6 different scholarships to six graduating seniors worth $500 to $1,000.

The newest scholarship is the “Bill Cole Memorial” Scholarship. This scholarship was established by his brothers and family to assist a graduating senior at Madison, Southwestern or Shawe High Schools that demonstrates financial need and wishing to go to pursue a higher education. It is worth $500!

The Courtney Family Scholarships are two $1,000 scholarships and were established by Robert and Tammy Courtney and their family. Robert is a Club Alumni. These two scholarships are available to individuals that have strong academic strengths, participate in high school athletics and ahould have virtues similar to Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts and other extra-curricular activities. Candidates should have participated in a High School Varsity sport their junior and senior years. Be a graduate of a Jefferson County High School with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and completes a short paper describing goals, influences and reasons why the candidate should be selected. This Scholarship requires a minimum of 75 community service hours contributed towards the Club.

Other top considerations will be given to applicants that have exhibited the following characteristics; (1). Must have given volunteer services (50+ hours) to the CLUB from June 1, 2017– August 31, 2018. (2).Has been a LWB&GC member for multiple years. (3). Has demonstrated “Potential for Success”. (4). Have demonstrated that they can earn good grades, good class ranking and good SAT/ACT college entrance scores. (5). Has demonstrated good citizenship. And (6). Is a current member of the LWB&GC.

The “John H. & Sue Paul Scholarship” was established in 1987 by Mr. Frank Paul to honor and recognize his parents for the many years of service that they both gave to the youth and citizens of the community and to the Lide White Memorial Boys Club. This scholarship is a $500 award.

The “Robert & Virginia Klopp Scholarship” was established in 1999 by Mr. Robert Klopp to recognize and honor his first wife and to demonstrate their love, care, and commitment to the youth of Madison and the surrounding communities. This scholarship is a $500 award.

The “Nick Shadday Memorial Scholarship” was established in 2000 to honor and recognize the life of Nick Shadday, a former Madison Cub wrestler and coach that lost his life to cancer. This scholarship is only available to members of the Madison Cubs wrestling program and will be awarded to a wrestler or manager that best demonstrates characteristics consistent and similar to Nick. This scholarship is a $500 award.

One of the Scholarship winners will be nominated for the Indiana Boys & Girls Club Scholarship, which is worth $1,000.

Applications are currently available at the local high schools or may be picked up at the Lide White Memorial Boys & Girls Club/Family & Community Center at 1551 M.S.H. Northgate Road, Madison, IN 47250. This year’s scholarships will total $4,000 or more. Completed applications should be turned into the CLUB by May 1, 2018.

Completed applications should be mailed to or dropped off at the Lide White Boys & Girls Club, 1551 M.S.H. Northgate Road, P.O. Box 1128, Madison, IN 47250. Should you have questions or concerns, call 812-265-5811.

Anyone wishing to contribute to any of the scholarships funds may mail their donation to the LWB&GC Scholarship Funds, P.O. Box 1128, Madison, IN 47250 and please specify which scholarship fund the donor would like to contribute to; the “John H. & Sue Paul Scholarship”, Robert & Virginia Klopp Scholarship”, “Nick Shadday Memorial Scholarship”, “Bill Cole Memorial Scholarship” and/or the Courtney Family Scholarships. All donations are tax deductible and the LWB&GC is a Jefferson County United Way agency.