Gallatin Co. Woman Arrested For Shooting Her Husband

Posted On October 05, 2017

A Gallatin Co. woman has been arrested and charged with her husband’s murder.

Court documents said Deborah Hiles shot her husband multiple times with a semi-automatic weapon.

Robert Hiles was shot to death at about 9:30 Tuesday night at 220 Jacobs Ridge Road in Verona.

The home where the couple lived is at the end of a dirt lane in rural Gallatin County.

Neighbors say it was not unusual to hear lots of gunfire from around the home. A makeshift shooting range sits right beside the house.

No motive was given for the shooting and adding to the mystery are social media posts showing the couple together and notes indicating that they’re happy. The Hiles had been married for less than two years according to their Facebook profiles.

Deborah Hiles will be arraigned Oct., 10.