Five Arrests Made By Madison Police

Posted On November 09, 2017

On November 4, 2017 Madison Police was dispatched to Wal-Mart, 567 Ivy Tech Drive , in reference to a female who had a dog inside the store. Management reported the female was letting the dog defecate on the floor. Management further reported the female was placing items inside an orange backpack.
Ptl. James Lee and Ptl. Shawn Scudder arrived to the store. After speaking with management, Officers searched the store. While searching the store, the alarm on one of the emergency exit doors activated.
Officers located the open door and once outside they located the female who was urinating. The female was identified as Melanie Thevenow Age 50, Madison Indiana. Next to Melanie officers observed the orange backpack that contained store merchandise. Melanie was placed under arrest for theft.

On November 6, 2017, Madison Police was dispatched to Circle K, 224 East Second Street, in reference to a male subject who had stolen a bottle of alcohol. Store employees were able to provide a description of the suspect. Ptl. Kyle Cutshaw arrived in the area. While in the area, Ptl. Cutshaw observed a male matching the description provided a block from Circle K. The male was identified as Eugenio A. Mendoza Age 45, Madison Indiana.
Ptl. Cutshaw began speaking to Eugenio about the theft. Eugenio had a warm Magnum beer that was open, but stated that he paid for the item. Ptl. Cutshaw returned to the store with Eugenio. At this time, Sgt. Wayne Phillips and Sr. Ptl. Kurtis Wallace arrived to assist. Officers learned that Eugenio had removed the alcohol from the shelf and entered the bathroom inside the store. Store employee stated that once Eugenio exited the store, he did not have the alcohol with him.
Officers checked the bathroom and could not locate the alcohol. The store employee identified Eugenio as the subject that removed the alcohol from the shelf. Eugenio stated that he paid for the beer, which was $2.75. According to the store employee the total cost would have been $2.56. Eugenio was placed under arrest for theft.

On November 6, 2017, Madison Police was dispatched to 3000 Michigan Road, Madison, in reference to drugs being found. Lt. Dan Slygh arrived and spoke to management. Lt. Slygh learned that the employee, identified as Michael D. Woods Age 50, Madison Indiana, was the possible suspect. Management stated that Michael told them he would test positive for marijuana. Management conducted a search of Michael’s locker per company policy. During the search they located drug items.
Lt. Slygh examined the items found, which he identified a glass pipe, marijuana, synthetic marijuana, and methamphetamine. Lt. Slygh then spoke to Michael about the items found. Michael identified the items as his, but denied selling any drugs. Michael was asked about the methamphetamine, which Michael stated he took it in on trade and was trying to make extra money. Based on the items found Michael was placed under arrest for Dealing Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Methamphetamine.

On November 8, 2017, Madison Police was dispatched to Wal-Mart, 567 Ivy Tech Drive , in reference to a theft. Dispatch learned that asset protection had the suspect detained. Capt. Rick Mundt arrived and spoke to asset protection. Capt. Mundt learned that a female, identified as Rebecca Rice Age 39, Madison Indiana, had concealed a package in her purse. According to asset protection, Rebecca then went through the self-checkout lanes, paying for some items, but failed to remove the package from her purse.
Asset Protection informed Capt. Mundt that prior to his arrival Rebecca admitted to previous thefts. Capt. Mundt also learned that Rebecca had been fired from Wal-Mart for theft and was trespassed in 2011 for theft. Rebecca informed Capt. Mundt that she was on Community Corrections and her monitor was beeping. Rebecca stated that she placed the package in her purse to check on her monitor and forgot it was inside. The package totaled $4.97. Rebecca was placed under arrest.

On November 7, 2017, Madison Police was dispatched to the 700 Block of Walnut Street in reference to a female asleep in a vehicle. Ptl. Phillip Wimpee arrived to check on the welfare of the subject. Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Brad Demaree also arrived to assist. Upon arrival, officers attempted to wake the female inside vehicle, but she would not arise. Officers then opened the door and began physically moving the female. After several attempts the female finally awoke.
The female was identified as Charlotte R. Milano Age 27. It appeared Charlotte may have been intoxicated and was asked to exit the vehicle. Charlotte initially refused, but before exiting placed or moved something around the center console. Once outside the vehicle Ptl. Wimpee attempted to speak to her. At this time, Deputy Demaree and his K9 conducted an open air search of the vehicle.
Charlotte refused to answer questions and continued to be argumentative toward Ptl. Wimpee. Ptl. Wimpee learnd that the K9 alerted to the presence of narcotics. Officers attempted to retrieve the keys from Charlotte who began to resist. After retrieving the keys, officers located a backpack on the passenger floor board of the vehicle. Inside the backpack officers zipper bag. The zipper bag contained two syringes, metal spoon with white residue, and small cotton pieces. Also in the backpack officers located marijuana. Based on the items found Charlotte was placed under arrest for Resisting Law Enforcement, Possession of Syringe, Possession of Paraphernalia, and Possession of Marijuana.

All subjects are presumed innocent until proven by a court of law.