Anthem slashes Obamacare footprint in Kentucky in half for 2018

Posted On September 07, 2017

Anthem on Wednesday continued reducing its Obamacare business, as the big insurer said it will cut in half the number of counties in Kentucky where it sells individual health plans next year.

Anthem’s decision to sell individual plans in just 59 counties in Kentucky comes more than two months after the Blue Cross Blue Shield insurer filed proposed rates for health plans in 2018 for all 120 counties in the state.

So far, Anthem has announced that it will significantly reduce its Obamacare footprint next year in nine out of the 14 states where it currently sells individual health plans both on and outside of government-run marketplaces.

The pullbacks do not affect Anthem’s business selling group insurance or Medicaid Advantage and Medicaid plans in those states.

The insurer, as it has done with previously announced pullbacks from Obamacare marketplaces in other states, on Wednesday cited an individual health plan market that “remains volatile” as it disclosed its cuts in Kentucky.

Kentucky’s Department of Insurance, when asked about Anthem’s pullback in the state, said the department had “proactively engaged [the insurer] CareSource and Anthem to ensure that every county in Kentucky would be covered during benefit year 2018.”

“Despite the volatility in the healthcare marketplace precipitated by Obamacare, the department is committed to the best outcome for Kentuckians.”

CareSource will cover the counties in Kentucky that Anthem is not covering.